The A. Tedesco company manages about 70 hives located in two main areas: valley and mountain. The choosen locations allow bees to produce several kinds of honey and pollen with a production not always aboundant but certainly of high quality. The hives are relocated when the amount and types of flowers changes with the seasons to guarantee bees welness.


When winter ends, bees start to collect the nectar from flowers located both in our citrus groves and near by where the presence of wild flower, such as Acacia, Sulla coronaria, cardoon, borage, allow the production of several kinds of honey with excellent organoleptic properties.
Usually, depending on climate and blooming, bees produce multi-flower honey, citrus honey, honeydew, chestnut honey and forest honey.
In the Sila mountains honeybees dedicate their time to the production of pollen and propolis.

Manufacturing and storage

All products are extracted, processed and packed directly in the laboratory of the company, strictly following the european legislation. Find our products in our shop online or directly at the company headquarters.