Probably the most famous member of the citrus family

citrus Limon

The peculiar climatic conditions of the Piana di Sibari area, together with the long experience in the cultivation sector, allow us to grow our lemons in the most natural way.
Pollination occurs with the help of the many bees breeded near-by.
There are many types of lemons in Italy but the most important is called ‘Femminello’ which represents the 80% of the entire italian lemon production.
Fruits are medium size with an elliptical to oblong shape. The rind is medium thick, smooth and yellow at full maturity. The flesh is pale greenish-yellow, low-seeded to seedless, very juicy, and with a strong acidic taste. The high content in essential oils of the rind is widely used by the cosmetic industry.
Harvesting starts when the juice content and the acidity reach the optimal values and the fruits are still greenish. Another important type of lemon is called ‘Interdonato’. Its genetic reminds the cedar. The fruit appears bigger that the Femminello and seedless. Maturation starts in the beginning of autumn and ends in December.