Natural source of Vitamine C


The clementine is the jewel of the crown of the Calabrian agriculture and its importance has been recognized with the PGI brand (protected geographical indication). Oranges and lemons follow with important high quality productions.

Calabria hosts the largest variety of citrus of the world.

The citrus grown and sold from the A. Tedesco company cover a timeline spanning from september to june. The most important productions are: clementines (Caffin, Orogros, Spinoso, Fedele, Comune, SRA89, Hernandina) harvested from september to january, lemons (Interdonato, Femminello Zagara Bianca, 2Kr, Verna) harvested from september to june and oranges (Navelina, Washington Navel, Lanelate ) harvested from november to april.
Small productions of Kumquat, grapefruits, bergamot and Finger Lime will soon be available.
To guarantee quality and safety, only strictly needed chemical treatments are performed thanks to a constant checking of the status and the needs of plants and fruits. At the time of the harvesting there is zero chemical residue on the product.
To assure product freshness, after the harvesting fruits are cleaned and packed in 24/48 hours.
The standard processing cycle includes: whashing, screening, polishing, calibration and packing of citrus with or without leaf in paper, plastic or wood boxes. Moreover, it is possible to get fruits with no treatment after the harvesting to taste the freshness of the product directly from the field.